• Perform full power wash prior to painting, if needed
  • Scrape and sand all peeling paint areas
  • Prime all bare wood
  • Apply galvanized metal primer to all bare metal surfaces
  • Use wire brush on flaking and deteriorating stucco
  • Caulk seams in fascia boards, siding door/window frames
  • Window panes receive new putty where necessary
  • Glossy areas are scuff-sanded


  • Puddy nail holes, caulk 100% of all trim, dust all corners and plugs prior to primer stage
  • Do any drywall repairs on walls before finish coat
  • Sand walls/ceilings between coats
  • Sand all trim and doors before finish coast
  • Seal stains, such as watermarks


Repaints include residential and commercial buildings, room additions and/or remodeling. To quote on such jobs we need to make a site visit. There are many factors involved in estimating repaints:

  • What type of prep work needs to be done?
  • What are the environmental conditions we need to work around?
  • What types of materials need to be used?

We also like to meet with the home or business owner in order to assist you in deciding what materials are best suited for your needs. If you would like a free estimate, please contact us so that we may set up and appointment.


Few improvements can increase the value and appearance of your home as inexpensively as painting. However, there is far more to a quality paint job than simply applying paint to a surface. As with most projects, planning and preparation are the keys to successful painting. Prep work is 75% of a job and unless handled properly, the final coat of paint will fail sooner than expected. It will cost you more money. These are just some ways we prepare the surfaces of your home.

You can be assured the highest standard of customer service when you deal with T. Power Painting Ltd. We are committed to getting the job done the first time. Our professionalism and courteous conduct are demonstrated by the care given to you and your home or business by providing quality products and service. We know our honesty in business and a job well done make for happy customers and that is why more than half of our business is from customer referrals.

Phone calls are returned in a timely flashing, appointments are kept and jobs completed as promised. We get in and out quickly and professionally. T. Power Painting Ltd. Is safety certified and completely covered by Workers Compensation. Complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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